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Security Verification Services

Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, and More. Are You Prepared?

Understand Your Security Risks Before the Bad Guys Do

Cyber threats are becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s society, so it’s critical to be vigilant in the defense of your company’s data.  Market research estimates that 93% of large corporations and 76% of small businesses have experienced a cybersecurity breach.

Don’t be another statistic!

Evaluate the risks to your company’s infrastructure today with our Security Verification Services:

  • Vulnerability Assessments*
  • Internal/External Network Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering and Phishing Campaigns
  • Disaster Recovery Testing

Verification of What?

  • Vulnerability Assessments evaluate your people, process, and technology to grade how prone they are to an attack. We go beyond a simple network scan! 
  • Network Penetration Tests gently exploit those findings to show you what data an attacker may be able to access.
  • Web Application Penetration Tests probe, scan, and exploit vulnerabilities in your internal and external web  applications.
  • Social Engineering and Phishing Campaigns test your people to see how ready they are for attacks that play on their human tendencies.
  • Disaster Recovery Testing checks to see if your IT and Security Program are prepared for the worst.

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    Let us help you understand your risks and make you more secure.

    Additionally, our output can help prepare you for a compliance audit for most of the major regulatory agencies in the marketplace today, including PCI-DSS, FISMA, HIPAA, FINRA, and more.

    * Our comprehensive Vulnerability Assessments gauge internal and external IT-related risks to your business.  We perform a variety of assessments on your environment, including:

    • Application Risk
      • Architecture and Implementation
    • Computer System Vulnerability
      • Device Discovery and Scanning
    • Network Device Configuration
      • Firewalls and Border Components
      • Content Filters (Web and Email)
    • Directory Services Configuration
      • Active Directory and Related
    • Foreign Device
    • Sensitive Data
      • File Shares and Storage
      • Proprietary, Personally Identifiable/Health Information Scans
    • Backup and Recovery Process
    • User Security Awareness
    • Information Security Policy
    • Wireless Environment
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Telephony System
    • Cloud Architecture

    The Alpine Cyber team are comprised of top notch professionals in the cybersecurity industry. Being in a highly regulated industry where security of consumer’s information is paramount, we wanted to take proactive steps to ensure a secure environment. They performed in-depth analysis and made recommendations on further enhancing the security of our product. The team was very responsive, easy to work with, and flexible to meet our schedule. Sally Poblete, Founder and CEO, Wellthie