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Managed IT Services and Project Support

Alpine Cyber is a next-generation consultant and managed service provider. We integrate cybersecurity, affordability, and performance best practices into everything we do.

Just ask us.

Managed DevSecOps

DevSecOps [dev-SEC-ops]

Noun: The practice of integrating security testing at every stage of the software development process.

Alpine’s DevSecOps engineers streamline your environment. We introduce or leverage automation technologies, CI/CD orchestration tools, SAST/DAST code scanning tools, artifact repositories, git/gitflow best practices, and more.

We build to the OWASP DevSecOps Verification Standard. This includes:

  • Designed solutions
  • Created scripts
  • User training
  • Enable self-service wherever feasible to improve request times, decrease downtime, and drive innovation.

Our DevSecOps team engages with your staff. We collaboratively fine-tune our process and evaluate our own success through rapid sprints designed to meet your needs.  Your priorities are our priorities!

Learn More About Alpine's DevSecOpsLearn More About Alpine's DevSecOps

Cloud Services

We understand the Cloud and how to leverage it to improve your business.

Alpine Cyber Solutions can help you:

  • Migrate to a  a cloud-based productivity suite (i.e. Microsoft 365, Google Workspaces, or AWS Work Suite)
  • Migrate key infrastructure to a new platform (i.e. Active Directory, VPN/Firewall, web applications, etc.)
  • Embrace infrastructure as code to drive down your management operational expense
  • Cloud experimentation to optimize your business

We’re fluent in all of the major public cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP) and ready to help.

Call us before you buy another rack for your data center!

IT Operations

Whether cloud-based or on premises, Alpine Cyber’s friendly and talented operators, engineers, and architects will run your environment for and with you.

Our experienced team is ready to augment your IT operations and bring our best-practice, security-first methods to make your world easier and your users happier.

Let us help you reach your user satisfaction, uptime, and other operational IT goals!