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A Holistic Approach

Designed for Business Performance and Security


Cybersecurity + Infrastructure

Helping you reduce risk and increase technology ROI


Managed Security Services

We keep an eye on your network for the latest threats, helping to identify areas that need additional inspection and helping you understand normal.  We have the security operations talent that brings real-world operations insight and protections at your disposal. Protect the valuable assets within your computing environment.

Incident Response

We help you in your time of need. When an incident happens, our highly-skilled analysts are here to respond. We perform computer forensics, incident response, log analysis, and more to help you understand what was taken, when, how, and why. We then help prevent future incidents by implementing targeted preventative measures.

Vulnerability Analysis

Understand the risks to your infrastructure through Penetration Tests, Vulnerability Assessments, Risk Assessments, and Policy Reviews. We execute the tests, analyze the output, recommend countermeasures, and work with you to create the policies or procedures you need to stay safe, secure, and audit-ready going forward.

Cybersecurity Solutions

We architect, implement, and operate the latest and greatest preventive and detective countermeasures on the market today. We help you and your staff understand your normal traffic flows, identify abnormalities, and engineer secure solutions.

Staff Augmentation

We have talented engineers and architects ready to fill your short or long term needs in all areas of security and infrastructure operations. Our Security Operations Center Analysts, Solutions Architects, Cyber Architects, Systems Administrators, and Security-Focused Software Engineers become members of your team for as long as you need them, and work with your staff to leave behind a legacy of continued effective operations.

Cutting-Edge Products

We are your one-stop source for the purchase, configuration, and integration of the industry’s most advanced and effective products. See our partners page for more information and how each of our partnerships provides another piece to today’s ideal secure and available infrastructure.



High Value Solutions

We want you to see a strong return on investment with best-of-breed products and services.

Vigilant Attitude

We notice what others miss, share developing trends and help keep your company out of the headlines.


While certifications are critical, experience is powerful. We apply decades of national defense and intelligence infrastructure insight.

Customer Focus

Your goals are our goals. The best solution comes from careful listening and understanding of your architecture and business strategy.

Alpine Cyber is known for its no-nonsense, honest and highly-skilled approach.

We combine our expertise with offerings from the following partners: