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Defend Your Data with Managed Firewall Services

By May 7, 2021May 11th, 2021Cybersecurity

Alpine Cyber’s Managed Firewall Services will help keep your company’s network secure through 24/7 management and monitoring by seasoned security professionals. Learn more about what a firewall is, who needs one and why we’re the partner you need to help manage it.

What is a Firewall? 

A firewall is a network security device designed to monitor and control traffic based on defined security rules. It filters incoming and outgoing traffic to ensure there is no atypical or unauthorized use, blocks specific and potentially harmful traffic, and provides alerts for any harmful traffic identified.

What are Managed Firewall Services? 

Managed Firewall Services are conducted by professional security providers who monitor network traffic to provide additional protection in order to help address security threats and potential breaches, ensuring your firewall isn’t easily corruptible.

Outside of configuring rules to just “make things work,” firewalls often end up out-of-date and under-managed, exposing your network to risks and vulnerabilities. If your firewall isn’t being regularly monitored, then you are most likely underutilizing features, have poorly defined rules, and are running out-of-date software versions. Instead of a “set and forget” approach, your company needs continuous management to monitor and update your firewall to limit this risk.

Don’t Take the Risk, Your Firewall is the First Line of Defense

In 2020, there were 524 organizations with a known security breach, which cost companies $3.86 million on average (IBM). Your firewall is the first line of defense for your company, protecting you from risk and vulnerabilities that can lead to a security breach.

The benefits of using Managed Firewall Services from Alpine Cyber include protection, efficiency, and a customized solution created by seasoned security personnel who review your identified threats.

Who needs Managed Firewall Services?

Managed Firewall Services are crucial for companies that have little or no IT team to setup and continuously manage/monitor firewalls properly. Whenever an update is needed, it must be investigated and applied to avoid additional exposure to risk.

Why You Can Trust Alpine Cyber with Your Firewall?


  • We have fully-scalable, customized solutions based on your number of firewalls and size of your company.


  • Alpine Cyber provides the experience and background that you need, giving your company a security first approach to firewall management.
  • You will have a high-level engineer managing and performing the services, meaning you’re receiving solutions from our top-tier team (vs. new hires or entry level analysts).
  • You’ll have our team of experts on your side who understand the constantly evolving technology. As firewalls become more complex, you may find you don’t have the time to dedicate so that’s where we step in!


  • You’ll receive daily monitoring, weekly health checks and reviews, monthly reporting from us and the Jira service management platform.
  • You’ll have quality of service – where Alpine Cyber will discover what parts of your network need more reliable attention than others.
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