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What is Endpoint Security Management?

By September 17, 2021Cybersecurity

What is Endpoint Security?


You’re probably familiar with terms like “ransomware”, “malware”, “phishing”, and “data breaches” and (hopefully) have tools in place to help prevent those cybersecurity attacks. But, what about Endpoint Security? If that term is new to you, it’s ok; I’m here to help you understand what it is and why Endpoint Security Management is a crucial component of your company’s security posture.

Endpoint management is the process of ensuring that anything (including servers, desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones) that’s used to access your company’s network is secured, monitored, and managed. Or, in simpler terms, it’s making sure that your company’s data doesn’t get into the wrong hands. That protection comes through threat detection, response, and frequent patching of your network.

While endpoint protection has always been a basic part of cybersecurity, the recent shift to working remotely has made it even more necessary. Vulnerabilities have increased as more computers leave the barrier of the corporate network, and as more and more people (33% of US employees) use personal devices versus corporate-issued computers and phones (17%).1 

Securing endpoints is a must for every company. Without it, your company’s information and data is easily accessible and you’re wide open for an attack.

In a study conducted by Ponemon Institute, 68% of respondents reported that their company experienced 1 or more endpoint attacks that successfully compromised data assets and/or IT infrastructure in 2019.2


“We Have Antivirus Software, So We’re Protected, Right?”

Antivirus software is a good start, but it’s not enough. For one thing, antivirus solutions frequently have too many false positives and IT security alerts, and actually miss about 60% of attacks.2 Additionally, antivirus software only detects known attacks, but an “average of 80% of successful breaches are new or unknown ‘zero-day attacks’”3 so antivirus software won’t know there’s a new threat to be aware of. And, while antivirus software protects those company-issued devices, what about the personal devices that are becoming more commonly used for work? Chances are, those don’t have antivirus software installed and/or aren’t protected. 

So, what do you need besides antivirus solutions? You need an endpoint security solution that includes Endpoint Detection and Response. You need an Endpoint Security Management partner, like Alpine Cyber.

Benefits of Using an Endpoint Security Vendor

Endpoint security and management isn’t a “set it and forget” job; it’s 24/7/365. Patches need to be updated at least once a month; quarterly or bi-annual updates aren’t enough. Alerts and reports need to be produced. It’s a complex job that a majority of companies don’t have the time or resources to manage. In fact, Verizon found that 

“The challenges involved in patching and updating operating systems across a remote workforce mean that, across managed enterprise Android devices, only 21.2% of updates are made immediately; 18.2% are deferred, 12.2% are windowed, and an alarming 48.5% of updates aren’t managed at all.”4

And that’s only for Android devices, what about servers, desktops, laptops, and other smartphones? I can’t emphasize enough that endpoint management is a MUST and patches need to be reviewed and implemented in a timely fashion. That’s where Alpine Cyber can help.

When you choose us for your Endpoint Security Management needs, you’re not just getting a vendor with software and tools. You’re getting a true partner, an extension of your IT team. You’re partnering with vigilant, certified professionals who are experts in this industry and know what to look for and how to quickly remedy situations. Your dedicated team won’t miss or delay patches or reporting. You’re not just getting computer patching but mobile device and server patches too. You’re getting a customized approach that fits your company and your needs. And most importantly, you’re getting peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and you won’t have to spend time, resources and money remedying an attack. 

Learn more about how Alpine Cyber can partner with you for this all-too-important cybersecurity solution.

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